Printing Photos Easily From Word

  • Before placing the image, be sure to have it in a place where you can manipulate it easily, your desktop, or a folder.
  • Open Word and a new blank document

Using Word:
  1. have the photos you wish to use on your computer desktop.
  2. Open Word
  3. Adding .jpg to Word
  4. Working with graphics and Word
  5. Step by step guide the process is good, but the music in the back ground is.....not my style!>

Give it a try:
  1. Download these two images to your desktop:
    1. MusherMusher.png
    2. Map of Iditarod RaceRace_map_09.png Map image from:
    3. Racing action external image iditarod-1.jpgImage from:
    4. The Dog: external image baldy-manitou-crossing-dog.jpgImage from:

Sample completed document:
Sample completed document in WORD 2008: