1. PhotoBooth - Leopard
    1. Import some new background effects from:
    2. After the download, you will double-click on the zipped file and a yellow box will appear. Double-click on the yellow box to un-compress and install.
    3. Restart PhotoBooth and you will have more effects.
    4. You can add your own backgrounds to page 3 by dropping images onto the page squares

  2. Software Update - It is a good idea to update your software at least once a month. Apple will sometimes send you a screen message that you should update software. There are many programs in the system that need to be updated, especially QuickTime, so run those updates and keep your computer running smoothly.
  3. Spaces
    1. Allows you to have 16 different screens hiding
    2. Choose a different background image for each space
    3. Move quickly between spaces using the arrow keys
    4. Keep email in one space
    5. Assign an application to always open in another space

  4. Widgets
    1. Visit this site to see all the possible Dashboard widgets
    2. Choose one to install:>> >> >>

      50 Things Every Mac Geek Should Know
  5. Resize 'EmAll - a handy little program (FREE) that allows you to reize photos easily: